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+ Where do I begin?

Congratulations! You are about to embark on a journey that will change your life in ways as unique as you are. As with anything new, please be compassionate with yourself. Remember it isn’t possible to get everything right away, and even the most advanced yogi is still in the process of learning. We offer a New Client Introductory Package that gives new clients the ability to try different classes, class times and class types to determine what works best for you. Our teachers, Studio Managers and Yoga Advisor are available to answer any questions you might have.

+ Where are you located?

Providence Power Yoga is located in the historic Jewelry/Knowledge district of Providence. We have two studios both located on Bassett Street. 51 Bassett is our "Mother Ship" studio and is located at the top of Bassett Street diagonal from CAV Restaurant. The Annex studio (16 Bassett Street) is located one and a half blocks from 51 Bassett and sits between the Alibi Deli and Springforth Dog Academy. PPY East our East Providence location is located at 1235 Wampanoag Trail, Riverside.

+ Do you have parking?

PPY PARKING (51 Bassett) - We feel fortunate to have some parking in downtown Providence. Students can use the lot to the left of the building. If parking in the lot beside our building do your best to park efficiently and for busy classes we encourage parking the lot full even if that means blocking in other cars to allow for the most number of people to park in the lot. There is plenty of street parking in the Jewelry District, please be prepared for street parking if our lot is filled. Please do not park in the Johnson & Wales lot to the right of our building or the Imperial Place parking lot across the street from the studio.

PPY ANNEX PARKING (16 Bassett) - Street parking is available in front of the Annex studio. Please do not park in the studio parking lot.

PPY EAST PARKING (1235 Wampanoag Trail) - Parking lot

+How early should I arrive for class?

If you are new to PPY we ask you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of class. This will give us time to have you complete our client information form, introduce you to the class instructor and give you a tour of the studio. If you have been to the studio before, please allow time for traffic and parking. We will not admit anyone to enter yoga classes 10 minutes after the start of class. If attending a Yoga Sculpt class you must be in the room at THE START of class. We will not admit anyone to a yoga sculpt after the instructor has entered the studio.

+ What should I wear?

You will want to wear clothes that you feel comfortable sweating in. Pretty much what you would wear to work out or run in….minus the socks and shoes. We recommend bringing a change of clothes to go home nice and dry.

+What should I bring?

You will need a yoga mat, towel, and bottle of water. If you do not have these, no worries we offer a quality Manduka yoga mat rental for $2. Yogi-toes rental for $3.00. Hand (sweat) towels are available at no cost. You can purchase a bottle of water for $2.00. We also have vitamin water and Gatorade.

+ Do you have showers or a place to change?

We do not have showers. We do have plenty of space to change after work or before you head back work.

+How does the waitlist work?

When a class has reached capacity an online waitlist list will be created. If you're on an online waitlist the following will happen:

As clients cancel out of the class and space becomes available you will be notified by email, at the address you use for your online account at PPY.

Please understand you may be notified as little as 30 minutes before the class start and time. When you receive the notice you will be asked to confirm be adding to the class.

To make for smooth and on-time class start times, we only hold reservations up to 5 minutes before the start of class. So, to keep any reservations you've made, please be sure to check-in at our front desk at least 5 minutes before class start. We will hold reservations up until 5 minutes before class start time. After this time, if there's a waitlist for a full class, your reservation will be given to a fellow yogi/yogini who is on the waitlist. For all other classes, in order to maintain a sacred classroom space, avoid disruption and reduce the likelihood of injury, we cannot always accept late arrivals and will not allow entry 10 minutes after a class begins.

+ Where can I find schedule changes and special workshops?

There are special cases where we need to cancel classes or make changes to the schedule due to severe weather or an emergency. If a cancellation is necessary it will be posted on our MindBody Scheduling site (Class Schedule), on our Providence Power Yoga Facebook Page or on Twitter. Special workshops are also posted on our MindBody Scheduling site (Class Schedule), Facebook, Twitter and in the studio on our chalkboard, signage board or posters.

+ Are all classes heated?

51 Bassett Street - most classes are heated with the exception of our weekday lunchtime classes (80 degrees or ambient room temperature). All other classes at 51 Bassett street are heated We heat the room to about 90-93 degrees with the humidity nice and juicy. At 16 Bassett Street, the studio is heated to approximately 80 degrees for all classes. East Providence is also heated to approximately 90 degrees. The heat is a natural way for your muscles to stretch and it also helps prevent injury. The heat is beneficial to sweating and detoxing. Your first few classes may be challenging. If you are new to heated yoga you may experience dizziness or nausea but these symptoms will pass. We ask that you pace yourself and take a resting pose if you feel overheated, this allows your body to acclimate to the heat and to practice being with your experience. Drink plenty of fluids before coming to class to assure you are well hydrated.

+ May I bring my child to a class?

Many of our classes are not appropriate for the needs of a growing child. No one under the age of 15 may attend a heated class. Children 12-15 may attend a non-heated class accompanied by a parent. Children 16-17 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when attending the studio for the first time. A parent or guardian will be required to sign a liability waiver for the child BEFORE the class or they may not be able to participate in the class. Children in these age ranges may also be asked not to return if they do not exhibit the maturity level necessary to be a focused part of the class after their first class. This decision will be made at the discretion of the teacher in consultation with the studio owner.


Please take your shoes off and leave them in the shoe area when entering a studio. Check in at the desk before going into the class even if you signed up online.

We understand some days traffic is bad and every obstacle is on your way to get to class, however in order to minimize disruption to class no one will be admitted 10 minutes after the start of class. For safety reasons, no one wants a weight dropped on their head, we cannot admit anyone into yoga sculpt once the teacher is in the room.

We encourage students to disconnect from electronics during class but if you need to take your phone into the studio due to your profession or emergency situation you MUST tell the teacher and the phone MUST be silenced.

Make room for others. Everyone should feel welcome. Follow the set up of the room and make space for everyone.

Props are your friend. Grab the props you need at the beginning of class and keep them placed neatly near your mat and out of the way of others. Props that you use often should be placed strategically where you can access them. It’s your practice, so own it. Use your props to support where your body is today. Don’t be too cool for props. It’s a sign of an advanced practitioner to use props when needed.

Be mindful of practicing “watchasana.” Sometimes we see people doing really beautiful things in yoga class. You might catch a glimpse, but remember that your practice and experience are for you. Try to stay rooted in your own space and practice. If you are taking a class for the first time place your mat in the middle of the room so you can easily catch a glimpse of what is going on without tweaking to look ahead or behind.

Always think about your Drishti, or gazing point. Where we look affects our balance, affects our alignment, and can transform the pose. There’s no need to follow the teacher with your eyes. It’s natural to want to watch the person who’s speaking to you, but unlike other types of movement classes, unless a teacher specifically asks you to watch a demonstration, you don’t need to watch him/her. They’re not usually doing anything worth watching. In yoga classes, teachers are usually walking around, assisting students verbally and manually. Lifting your head in down-dog to look at a teacher when he/she’s not really doing much more than adjusting the stereo volume or getting a student to straighten his elbows will just take you out of alignment.

Please, no perfumes or colognes. The breath in yoga is deep and heavy and you will be within close proximity of others.

Careful not to drink too much water. Most of us hydrate enough ahead of time to sustain us through a sweaty full-length class. If your throat is dry or your mouth feels gummy, take a small sip, but you don’t want a gut full of water while you’re twisting, forward bending, inverting, etc. Definitely hydrate as much as you need to after class.

Try not to eat a full meal before class. Give yourself time to digest. Everyone’s different, but 2 hours for a light-to-medium meal is good. 3+ hours for really heavy meals. If you have low blood sugar and need a little snack beforehand, have a handful of nuts or a little fruit.

Respect the Teacher - This comes in many forms. The easiest one is following the poses or a modified version of them. Do not do your own series in the middle of a guided class if you are bored or uninterested in the current pose. Finish the class and choose another teacher but during the class, respect the teacher enough to follow instructions and do so with an open mind.

Ahhhh Savasana - The best part of the class. We encourage everyone to stay for the duration of Savasana. If you absolutely must leave, please advise the teacher and slip out quietly before the beginning of Savasana.

Clean up your immediate area - If you borrowed a mat from the studio, wipe it down. If you created a puddle of sweat, wipe it with your towel. If you used props, put them back neatly, unbuckle straps and wipe off the block. Please hand towels and yogi-toes in the laundry bin. Pick up all of your items and discard any trash and place any recyclables in the appropriate bins.

Minimize conversation and noise in the studio - We LOVE our community! Meeting up with friends and family and catching up before class is to be expected and welcome in the reception area. When you enter the studio try to be quiet and focus inward as you arrive and set-up. The few minutes before class are ideal for a short meditation and for setting an intention so refraining from chit-chat is not just good etiquette but also really beneficial for your state of mind.