100% attendance is encouraged. We understand that life happens and emergencies and family situations take away from our commitments, therefore, we will allow participants to miss up to 8 hours during the course of the training. Participants will need to make up any assignments that they miss. Any missed hours must be made up before graduation weekend or by special arrangement. If an instructor must spend extra time outside of the regularly scheduled training program for make-up sessions beyond the allowed 8 hours - the student will be assessed a $35 per hour fee due at the time of the make-up. Students who fail to keep makeup time and/or fail to pay the fee will be dismissed.

Participants are required to arrive on time to each training session. As a teacher, this is your training ground to set the stage for yourself to arrive early and be ready to start. We encourage participants to arrive at least 10-15 minutes prior to the start, have all props set up and be prepared to start each session with meditation.

If it is necessary to take a leave of absence for a medical or family reason it will be your responsibility to contact PPY Teaching Faculty. Arrangements will be made to reschedule training to the next training session and work out a refund plan if needed.