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Private Yoga

Personalized Practice

Your teacher will consider your interests, concerns and areas of focus as he/she designs your sequence. In private sessions, there is an open dialogue between teacher and student.

Health Concerns or Injuries

Group classes may not be appropriate for all clients. If you have a specific health concern or injury, a private session may be indicated. Private sessions allow for your teacher to customize practice to address your specific injury or health concern. You will receive individualized attention and modifications that accommodate your needs.


Due to work, family, school and social obligations, it may be challenging to practice. With private sessions, you practice at a time that is most convenient for you.

Alignment, Safety, Hands-On Instruction

In a private class, you are the sole focus of attention for your instructor. Your teacher can offer both verbal and hands-on assists (if you wish) so that you can feel confident in entering, embodying and exiting your postures.

Establishment of Home Practice

Your teacher can give advice for setting up your at-home yoga and/or meditation space and guide you to resources to continue your personal practice.


Private instruction can give you a strong foundation to feel confident in any group yoga classes. You will learn the basics, common yoga poses (and their names) often taught in group classes and how to participate in flow or vinyasa style transitions.

Advanced Practice

For those who have a well-established practice and are interested in furthering their study, private sessions may be beneficial to safely explore advanced asana that may not be taught in a group setting.


Host a private yoga class for you and your friends or family. We will create a class specific to your group.

Private Yoga Rates 

  • 60 min Private Yoga Session - $75
  • 60 minute Semi Private Yoga Session (2 people) - $100

  • 60 minute Small Group Private Session (3-10 people) -$125
  • 60 minute Group Private - $125 for 10 people/$5 each additional person
  • Offsite - 60 minute Private/Semi Private Yoga Session - $100 - $150 (depending on travel)
  • Offsite - 60 minute Group Yoga Session - $175+ (depending number of people and travel)
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Group & Corporate Yoga

  • Birthday Parties
  • Bridal Showers
  • Bachelorette Parties
  • Corporate Team Building Events
  • Sports Teams
  • Reunions