Corporate Yoga

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* Improved posture

* Decreased fatigue, depression and anxiety

* Improved focus and concentration


* Increased productivity

* Higher job satisfaction

* Decreased absenteeism


Ongoing On-Site Classes - Does it always feel like there’s not enough hours in the day to fit in health and well-being? If you have space (think of a conference room, boardroom or extra offices) at your workplace, we can come to you and teach a Yoga class before or after work or even during a lunch or midafternoon break. There is no need to travel, just a quick change of clothes, we’ll bring the props and mats.

Team Building Studio Classes - Do you want the Yoga studio experience? We have time slots available 8am-3pm at our Annex location in Providence and 11am-3pm at our . We will consider your needs and activity levels and design a class that is accessible to all participants. You’ll have the full Yoga studio experience from start to finish!

Office Chair Yoga Workshop - Do your employees spend a majority of their time sitting at desks in front of computers? There is no need for your staff to change clothes or have any special props or equipment for this option. We can make good use of your office chairs, desks and...