Alex Jacques

PPY Yoga Teacher

Alex approaches yoga with the mindset that it is not only important for the body, but also for the mind. He feels that each individual can find their own “work” to take away from their mat through both focused direction, and inward reflection. During his classes, Alex strives to create a safe, open space for his students so that they may delve deeper into their yoga experience and attend to the things that are calling to them in the moment. Throughout this process, he makes sure that students can reach those goals safely and while having fun. In his teaching, Alex tries to inspire students to find a connection between their yoga practice and life. Drawing on his own experience, he tries to show that yoga can be a place of advancement; where one can begin the journey to become the person that they desire to be.

He received his teacher training through Providence Power Yoga and continues to learn through workshops, self-study, and his own practice.