Front Desk Staff

Our Front Desk Staff is at the heart of our operation. These highly client service oriented people keep our class check-in process running smoothly. PPY front desk staff are responsible for greeting clients and checking in clients, providing information on class types and assisting clients with account concerns. Other tasks include: keeping the front of the studio tidy and clean, laundry and other general tasks. If you are interested in being considered for front desk positions email our Director of Operations at

When you work for PPY

Practice - As the first point of contact for new clients we feel it is important our Front Desk Staff have an understanding of our classes and teachers. We offer free unlimited yoga to Front Desk Staff. We also offer discounts on workshops, continuing education and master classes.

Front Desk Staff are paid an hourly rate - Healthcare Benefit Eligible with 30 hours per week - Paid the 1st and 15th - Direct Deposit available