+How does the waitlist work?

When a class has reached capacity an online waitlist list will be created. If you're on an online waitlist the following will happen:

As clients cancel out of the class and space becomes available you will be notified by email, at the address you use for your online account at PPY.

Please understand you may be notified as little as 30 minutes before the class start and time. When you receive the notice you will be asked to confirm be adding to the class.

To make for smooth and on-time class start times, we only hold reservations up to 5 minutes before the start of class. So, to keep any reservations you've made, please be sure to check-in at our front desk at least 5 minutes before class start. We will hold reservations up until 5 minutes before class start time. After this time, if there's a waitlist for a full class, your reservation will be given to a fellow yogi/yogini who is on the waitlist. For all other classes, in order to maintain a sacred classroom space, avoid disruption and reduce the likelihood of injury, we cannot always accept late arrivals and will not allow entry 10 minutes after a class begins.