+ Do you have parking?

PPY PARKING (51 Bassett) - We feel fortunate to have some parking in downtown Providence. Students can use the lot to the left of the building. If parking in the lot beside our building do your best to park efficiently and for busy classes we encourage parking the lot full even if that means blocking in other cars to allow for the most number of people to park in the lot. There is plenty of street parking in the Jewelry District, please be prepared for street parking if our lot is filled. Please do not park in the Johnson & Wales lot to the right of our building or the Imperial Place parking lot across the street from the studio.

PPY ANNEX PARKING (16 Bassett) - Street parking is available in front of the Annex studio. Please do not park in the studio parking lot.

PPY EAST PARKING (1235 Wampanoag Trail) - Parking lot