Binding Workshop 2018 FB Event.png


October 27, 2018 1pm - October 27, 2018 2:30pm

COST: $20

LOCATION: PPY ANNEX (16 Bassett Street, PVD)

A dynamic flow to strengthen and loosen the muscles in order to properly align for safe binding. Beginning by exploring smaller binds (such as hands clasped behind the back) to allow the body to relax deeper into a posture, and progressing to more intensive binds to allow the body to explore the support afforded by a bind.

If yoga is to yoke, or bring together, then binding is a literal, as well as figurative, exposition of the practice. To bring and bind together the arms or legs creates a stronger connection, much as the thin fibers of a rope intertwine and form a complete unit.

Successful binds can offer greater rotation in a twist, deeper folds, and more satisfying backbends, and can be achieved by mindful practice with and without the use of props. Because binding requires greater flexibility and balance, it can serve as the beginning of a more advanced practice, therefore, it requires a curious and compassionate approach. Not only more advanced for the physical body, but also an opportunity for ahimsa and svadyaya to enter your practice.