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November 9, 2018 5:45pm - November 9, 2018 7pm

COST: Drop-in/Class Pass/New Client Intro/Membership

LOCATION: PPY 51 (51 Bassett Street, PVD)


On the second Friday of each month DJ RedDawn joins Julie Shore in the studio to spin a live mix that will fuel your flow! The energy level of the music follows the flow of class to enhance the vibe wherever you are. Song selections are diverse, ranging from indie electronic to soulful hip hop beats to minimalist ambient, usually with no lyrics. Occasionally, there will be a fun theme like 'old school hip hop' or '80s night', which will likely include lyrics.

Hindu Deities and Asana FB Events Cover (2).png

October 20, 2018 1pm - October 20, 2018 3pm

COST: $20

LOCATION: PPY Annex (16 Bassett Street, PVD)

Have you ever wondered where the names of the asanas come from? Yoga practitioners around the world reap the physical benefits of yoga daily without being aware of the stories behind the postures. In this workshop we will discover some of the stories of the gods and goddesses and the relation they play to the poses. After diving into some of the stories, we will conclude with a traditional pooja ceremony honoring the goddess Lakshmi, who is the goddess of wealth and prosperity.

POP Up Music Class Motown FB Event .png

October 20, 2018 10:30am

COST: $20

LOCATION: PPY East (1235 Wampanoag Trail, Riverside)

Perhaps you Heard It Through the Grapevine, but Allison is fantastic at making playlists. So Get Ready to join her for a strong, breath centered flow class while listening to sweet soul music. It will feel like a Heat Wave and might even get you Dancing In The Street.

Halloween BL Yoga FB Event.png

October 26, 2018 6pm - October 26, 2018 7:15pm

COST: Class pass, drop in, membership, guest pass, Perkville

LOCATION: PPY East (1235 Wampanoag Trail, Riverside)

A fun all levels vinyasa set to a great playlist under the funky glow of black lights. You'll want to wear something white or a bright color to assure you glow. When you get home you'll want to break out those old black light posters and your black light light bulb! This is a very popular class plan on arriving at the studio at least 15 minutes in advance.

Binding Workshop 2018 FB Event.png

October 27, 2018 1pm - October 27, 2018 2:30pm

COST: $20

LOCATION: PPY ANNEX (16 Bassett Street, PVD)

A dynamic flow to strengthen and loosen the muscles in order to properly align for safe binding. Beginning by exploring smaller binds (such as hands clasped behind the back) to allow the body to relax deeper into a posture, and progressing to more intensive binds to allow the body to explore the support afforded by a bind.

If yoga is to yoke, or bring together, then binding is a literal, as well as figurative, exposition of the practice. To bring and bind together the arms or legs creates a stronger connection, much as the thin fibers of a rope intertwine and form a complete unit.

Successful binds can offer greater rotation in a twist, deeper folds, and more satisfying backbends, and can be achieved by mindful practice with and without the use of props. Because binding requires greater flexibility and balance, it can serve as the beginning of a more advanced practice, therefore, it requires a curious and compassionate approach. Not only more advanced for the...

Yoga for Runners FB Event  (2).png

October 27, 2018 10:30am - October 27, 2018 11:45am

COST: Class pass, drop in, membership, guest pass, Perkville pass

LOCATION: PPY East (1235 Wampanoag Trail)

Whether you are an experienced runner or just getting started, yoga is a great complement to your time on the roads and trails. Balance the effects of your workouts and your everyday life with stretching and strengthening, breathing and meditation. Expand your lung capacity through yogic breathing and find mindfulness, calm, and stress reduction. Strengthen the mind-body connection for heightened performance and increased flexibility. Gain better range of motion, promote healing and strategies to avoid injury. Enhance post-race and training recovery.

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November 16, 2018 - November 18, 2018

Join Sean Haleen for a weekend of his notoriously fun and educational workshops that dive deeply into the how and why of poses. Each session will focus on different actions aimed to help you create more stability, flexibility, and understanding of how your body works in your Yoga poses. Drawing from his Anusara and Iyengar backgrounds, Sean uses unique prop work, pose variation, and muscle activation to both inspire you in your practice and thinking about it in a whole new way. Appropriate for all levels of practitioners (except the teacher's session).



Friday 6:00-730pm

Our hips often feel "stuck" not just because of tightness but because we often have a difficult time finding proper muscle engagement as well. Happy hips mean both strong muscles and optimum range of movement. This workshop will cover how to effectively strengthen and release your hips in both familiar poses and with a unique use of props and exercises.



Workshop Return Policy

Workshop Return Policy Full payment is required to reserve a space in workshops. Cancellations made two weeks or more prior to workshop start date will be issued PPY Account credit. No PPY Account credit will be given for cancellations made less than one week prior to workshop start date. Providence Power Yoga is not responsible for any costs incurred for travel arrangements or accommodations related to event. Donation based fundraisers will not be refunded if reservation is cancelled less than one week prior to the event.