Mim Winter

Mim had always been an athlete and worked out regularly but after suffering multiple major knee surgeries, which limited her physically, she consistently felt uninterested and uninspired by her workouts. She stumbled upon power vinyasa yoga and diligently went to classes as a workout to strengthen her entire body in a way that she had never able to do before... she didn't realize how much yoga would not only transform her body but affect her entire life and become so much more than a physical workout. She continually returns to yoga for the constant physical and mental challenges that never cease to inspire her. She completed her 200 hour RYT teacher training in 2015. Her teaching style is challenging and supportive focusing on anatomical alignment and incorporating playful sequences while utilizing the breath as a means to move the body and calm the mind.

Mim Winter instructs the following:
  • $8 @ 8:00 - All Levels Heated Vinyasa (PPY)
  • $8 at 8:00 am.  All Levels Vinyasa taught by our PPY Teachers.  Some classes might be taught by newer teachers because we all have to start somewhere! Class is heated to 90 degrees. 
    Vinyasa style classes emphasize movement with conscious, regulated breath. Poses “flow” from one to the next in a series of connected sequences. It is a powerful class that cultivates strength, endurance, concentration, balance, and flexibility.

    Vinyasa classes are challenging, invigorating and heated! The Yoga studio is heated between 88-93 degrees depending on season, weather and teacher discretion. Teachers provide supportive instruction of Yoga asana with focused attention on Ujjayi pranayama (breathing practice).
    Expect each class to include the full spectrum of Yoga postures; Sun Salutations A&B, standing postures, balance postures, belly down backbends, inversions, seated floor postures, supine poses and relaxation.
    Vinyasa classes at PPY are specifically designed to be accessible for all levels. 

  • Asana Anatomy
  • “Asana” means pose or posture. Expect a class that spends a short time exploring the anatomy and actions of a specific part of the body. Followed by a Hatha practice that incorporates this awareness into the overall asana.